pseudo-HDR – Just for Fun to Extreme

It’s not very often that I do a full out, well cooked pseudo HDR image like this. But it’s fun to be different sometimes. Huh? This may not seem “Extreme” to some people but for me, it’s way over the edge.

I took the rather mundane image below and cropped it to square and then loaded it into Nik HDR Efex Pro and applied the preset called “Granny’s Attic“.  And voila, instant whatever! Guess that’s called thoughtless tone mapping.

This is the first time that I’ve limited myself to just choosing a preset and not messing with the sliders. Makes me want to scream since it’s hard for me to claim any credit for the final result. . .except maybe the crop. Oh, and just a bit of red and yellow saturation in Adobe Photoshop. See what I mean?  ;)

At any rate, here’s the original

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