HDR – Chaos of Color

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Even though I haven’t had time to work at cleaning up my backyard for the start of my “work in the yard” season, I couldn’t resist the color. To explain my enthusiasm, you must realize that at this time last year, the yard was a totally barren space with only a single pine tree, a few azalea bushes and some scrawny nandinas.

But now, after placing two and a half tons of path stones, laying an 18 x 20 foot paver patio, mulching an eighty sq yard area and planting a variety of about 135 plants, it’s starting to look pretty good. The memory of last year is making me tired. :)

I like to keep my space closer to natural than polished, if you know what I mean. Here’s another view.This will give you an idea of what I was up against last July when I had just started my “renovation”.

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